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Friday, March 27, 2009

Things To Microwave.

Ivory Soap.  I don't want to give away what happens.  But, it's bloody awesome.  Well, not really bloody, more of a soapy, good sweet smelling awesome.  Plus, it doesn't hurt your microwave.

CD.  This puts on a light show that would rival the fireworks.  It's pretty sweet, but might ruin your microwave.  So try it at your mom's.
Light bulb in a cup of water.  Pretty amazing.  Plus, it doesn't do any damage to the microwaving action, I think.

Wolf Spider in a cup of water.  Simply incredible.  I hate spiders, so this is a very fulfilling little activity for me.  Spiders, I believe move by pumping blood into there legs.  And so, when their blood starts to boil, their legs start kicking like crazy.  It fills me full of satisfaction each and every time.  (Make sure the cup is clear so you can see all the action.)

And that's all from Breckenridge.