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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

John Cassavetes

We love this video of John.  He says it perfectly.


So Geoff Gilmore really needs to think about moving the Festival into the summer months.  July would be a prime candidate.  September would also be a contender with those pretty leaves.
I like blogs with a lot of pictures.  No one likes to read anymore.  We just want picture books.

Burke and Spack chilling in a bar.  Notice the dart sign in back.  We asked for the darts, but were denied.  Those suckers.
I'm not sure why I always have red-nasty-face.  Candyce is looking good atleast.
This is at the Utah Film Commission Brunch at Sundance.  I like how we all look so proud, like we just won the gold at the olympics.  Higher, Faster, Stronger baby.
This beanie/hat was given to us from our good buddy Aaron Syrett (the new director of the film commish in No. Carolina).  He's a great guy by the way.   And I can't pull off this type of beanie.  I just end up looking stupid.  Too fat of face I think...

Charlie Brown would be happy.

So, yes we are back tracking here, but how could we not talk about are sweet little christmas tree we bought from the 5 dollar forest.

Our mom gave us those gifts.  They were sweet.  We got muscle men.  Some of the greatest toys ever invented.  Little pink plastic buff guys.  It can't get any better.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Filmmakers. Brothers. Lovers.

We're going to do our best to "blog" at least a couple of times a week.  And if we can't do it, we'll pay someone else (who sounds kind of like us) to do it.

Right now we have a studio in the basement of the Emporium Building at 55 North Main in Logan, Utah.  It's a cool little place, and we get a screaming deal on rent.  It's a lot better than where we used to be, which was our mom's basement.  Not that we don't like our mom, but some of our clients got a little weirded out when she'd offer them cookies or ask who our new friends were.  
So, yes we are doing our best at breaking into the film scene in the world.  We don't really know how to do that, other than just making movies.  So if in like 5 years we still don't have a film out there, then we'll quit and become professional dart throwers.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fast cars, hot chicks and Rock 'n Roll

Yup, those are my three loves...well, add cereal, then you'd really have something. It's one of my dreams to add all those together into one uncontrollable urge. They are my passions, it's only natural to want to combine them. (for those of you aren't laughing at this point, then it's obvious that you're not Seinfeld fans....)
As Rhett said in his introduction, yes I was one of the ones that tricked him into touching an electrical fence. He's never been the same since...but if only you could have seen it. It was kinda like that scene from Jurassic Park where little Timmy was climbing over the fence and got shocked off and had to be brought back to life...just the same with Rhett, only without the CPR. Bless his little heart.
So, a little about myself...I mostly like Seinfeld, cereal, and candy...lots and lots of candy. I think we should eat candy instead of food. I pretty much live off of cereal, hot dogs, hamburgers, and pizza. I want to see the world. Night is the best time of the day, and it's never long enough...I love going to bed just as the sun comes up. DelTaco and Crown Burger makes some of the meanest burgers around. Sleep is for sleep when you die. Non-conformist...


I am Rhett. Hear me roar.

I was born, and then grew up in Millville, Utah.  My brothers once tricked me into grabbing an electric fence, as I hit the ground unable to move even my pinky, I blacked out for a few seconds.  I'm sure my life has been shortened by ten years because of it.

I've always loved making movies and telling stories.  I remember making radio shows with a little tape recorder.  We made a whole Star Trek episode once.  It was grand.  
I like the idea of working with other people on small and big projects.  Collaboration usually creates a fun atmosphere to work in. 
Burke and I grew up loving action films, and quirky comedies.  We then moved onto to liking more dramatic type films with snazzy editing and deep symbolism.  But one day we stumbled onto some writings of Ray Carney.  Our filmmaking changed completely from that day on.  We soon fell in love with the works of John Cassavetes, Frank Capra, Mike Leigh, and the Duplass Brothers.
So, we started making movies about ourselves, about how we see life, and the funny and stupid things we do.  
Anyway, let me tell you about some things I like.  I'm a scooter enthusiast (I drive a sweet green Stella Scooter), a big Jazz fan, and I really like gummy candy, and that's just about it.

What's with all these old photos of us? And the little kid handwriting...come on! real reason other than those cardboard helmets we made were sweet!  Plus, I love the fact that Burke has no neck in that picture.  And, we started making movies when we were that age, so why not ride it out until the end.