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Thursday, February 7, 2008

I am Rhett. Hear me roar.

I was born, and then grew up in Millville, Utah.  My brothers once tricked me into grabbing an electric fence, as I hit the ground unable to move even my pinky, I blacked out for a few seconds.  I'm sure my life has been shortened by ten years because of it.

I've always loved making movies and telling stories.  I remember making radio shows with a little tape recorder.  We made a whole Star Trek episode once.  It was grand.  
I like the idea of working with other people on small and big projects.  Collaboration usually creates a fun atmosphere to work in. 
Burke and I grew up loving action films, and quirky comedies.  We then moved onto to liking more dramatic type films with snazzy editing and deep symbolism.  But one day we stumbled onto some writings of Ray Carney.  Our filmmaking changed completely from that day on.  We soon fell in love with the works of John Cassavetes, Frank Capra, Mike Leigh, and the Duplass Brothers.
So, we started making movies about ourselves, about how we see life, and the funny and stupid things we do.  
Anyway, let me tell you about some things I like.  I'm a scooter enthusiast (I drive a sweet green Stella Scooter), a big Jazz fan, and I really like gummy candy, and that's just about it.


Candyce Lewis said...

Awww. Cute. I think I have some sexy pics of you on Stella that you could post. (Just so everyone else knows- Stella is a scooter. Not a woman.) hehe.

Abbie Scott said...

LOL, you guys are all hilarious. Candyce, that includes you too!