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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fast cars, hot chicks and Rock 'n Roll

Yup, those are my three loves...well, add cereal, then you'd really have something. It's one of my dreams to add all those together into one uncontrollable urge. They are my passions, it's only natural to want to combine them. (for those of you aren't laughing at this point, then it's obvious that you're not Seinfeld fans....)
As Rhett said in his introduction, yes I was one of the ones that tricked him into touching an electrical fence. He's never been the same since...but if only you could have seen it. It was kinda like that scene from Jurassic Park where little Timmy was climbing over the fence and got shocked off and had to be brought back to life...just the same with Rhett, only without the CPR. Bless his little heart.
So, a little about myself...I mostly like Seinfeld, cereal, and candy...lots and lots of candy. I think we should eat candy instead of food. I pretty much live off of cereal, hot dogs, hamburgers, and pizza. I want to see the world. Night is the best time of the day, and it's never long enough...I love going to bed just as the sun comes up. DelTaco and Crown Burger makes some of the meanest burgers around. Sleep is for sleep when you die. Non-conformist...


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