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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So Geoff Gilmore really needs to think about moving the Festival into the summer months.  July would be a prime candidate.  September would also be a contender with those pretty leaves.
I like blogs with a lot of pictures.  No one likes to read anymore.  We just want picture books.

Burke and Spack chilling in a bar.  Notice the dart sign in back.  We asked for the darts, but were denied.  Those suckers.
I'm not sure why I always have red-nasty-face.  Candyce is looking good atleast.
This is at the Utah Film Commission Brunch at Sundance.  I like how we all look so proud, like we just won the gold at the olympics.  Higher, Faster, Stronger baby.
This beanie/hat was given to us from our good buddy Aaron Syrett (the new director of the film commish in No. Carolina).  He's a great guy by the way.   And I can't pull off this type of beanie.  I just end up looking stupid.  Too fat of face I think...


Jenny Lynn Furr said...

good job blogger man(or men). Blogging with pictures is a good idea. Your wife Candyce is gorgeous!

Candyce Lewis said...

Oh man anytime I need a laugh I just look at the beanie picture. I laughed so hard I cried when you posed for that pic.