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Monday, March 8, 2010

Kinda smart, but mostly dumb phone.

So, I'm sitting here at work bored out of my mind. Sometimes the only thing I can do to stay awake is text as many people as I can think of. I use the same method to stay awake during church. I know, I know, I should pay attention during church...but hey, I can sleep and not pay attention or I can text and not pay attention. Either way I'm not paying attention but by texting I avoid hitting my head on the bench in front of me.

Anyway, I've kinda hit an annoying wall with my phone. I got a new phone a few months ago and it's been pretty good to me. It's just a regular old slider...minus all the bells and whistles. When I first started texting with this phone I found out that whenever I typed a word using predictive text that it didn't already know then it would "remember" the word. Turns out they're even making these POS phones kinda smart now days. This was great when I'd type a name like "Rhett" because normally I'd have to switch out of predictive text, type the name, and then switch back...kind of a pain if you ask me. But my phone quickly learned how to spell "Rhett" along with a handful of other names. Great? That's what I thought.

Soon into this new relationship with my new phone (some Samsung model) I had to type an address and the street name was "Meadow Pine Ct." I know your thinking "what's the big deal" right? If you know anything about texting, you'll know that the predictive keys for "Ct" and "at" are both "2" and "8" on a phone. So the problem I'm running into is, now whenever I type the word "at" my phone (with a small helping of man given sense) thinks I'm trying to type "Ct" and automatically inserts "Ct" instead of "at"...forcing me to scroll down to "at". That was just the beginning. I once messed up and in my haste I misspelled the word "with" and scrolled to "whuh" instead. They both use the same numeric keys. So now my genius phone inserts "whuh" every time I try typing "with". Whuh? For real? Come on Samsung, either give me a smart phone as a free upgrade or make my kinda-smart phone dumb again so I can use it. Instead of "any" I get "BMW", "fhe" instead of "did"...and the list goes on. I swear once this phone "remembers" then it never forgets.

The point is, now that I've been using this phone for a handful of months it has developed a whole library of misspelled words that the phone manages to choose instead of the correct versions of them. It's become a chore texting people. Now, in order to send a coherent text, I have to type it, proof read it, scroll up and fix any words that the phone assumed I wanted, and then send.

A word of caution to all you texters out there, don't misspell words or your phone might never let you forget. I'm starting to think that my only option is buy a new phone, one that hasn't learned how to misspell words.

Peace out.


Britt said...

Oh Burkey, you make me laugh!

Barb said...

So....text me, boy....