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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2 Year Sinus Infections

Yes, 2 years ago like it says in the title, I got an unbearable sinus infection.  I can still see the face of the snot-nosed 3 yr old that gave it to me.  Oh, how I wish I could go back in time and stay away from the little cry baby of a kid that would constantly wet himself in the corner of the sunbeam classroom.  I remember having to take the little guy to the men's room in the church.  I put him in a stall, and he just stared at me as if waiting for me to undo his pants to help him pee.  There was no chance of me going down there to no-man's land, so I just took him back to class.

Anyway, since that life-changing interaction, I have not been able to smell or taste, and my nose is always stuffy.  I've been to over 5 Doctors, including ENT's and Allergists.  I even got a CT scan, which doctors looked at and said "Wow, you're really congested."  Such insight.

The only pill that would clear me up was a Nasal Steroid, Dexamethasone.  I loved those little green pills.  They'd clear me up within a few hours, and then I could smell the lovely world around me, and taste the good food Candyce makes.  Sure the side-effects were: weight gain (I put on 35 pounds in 2 months, and have the stretch marks to prove it), osteoporosis, liver failure, asthma, bad headaches, and the list goes on.  But, man it was worth it.  I mean, imagine not smelling anything for a day.  You can't tell if you have B.O. or bad breath, and when someone says "mmm, that smells so good" I have no idea what they're talking about.  It's pretty sad really.  So, the Doctors won't let me take that pill anymore because of the said side-effects, so I must suffer with the consequences.

But, I've decided to accept this new life of mine.  Now when we eat something, Candyce will sit there and explain to me what it tastes like so I can feel like I can enjoy it somewhat.  She does a good job.  

So, if you're ever around me feel free to have bad breath, pass gas, burp, and don't wear any B.O. buster, because I won't be able to smell a thing.


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Candyce Lewis said...

That is a SICK SICK SICK photo. Sick.