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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So, it's been a while...

We've had a lot of people complain that we haven't posted in a long time. So here it goes...

Here's something funny that we were shown the other day:

Bless that little guys heart. Funny commercial by Comcast too bad they're service is horrible. I swear TNT and E! never ever work. Which is usually fine until it's 2 am and your bored out of your gourd with nothing better to do then watch Anaconda or any of the Matrix's hoping to get a laugh out of how horrible they are...only to find out that Comcast doesn't like to play those movies anymore then we like to watch them.

Here's another fave...the Technoviking! Watch out!

Don't mess with the Technoviking.

Let's see...what are some other Youtube gems that need to be we go...

Dramatic Chipmunk anyone?

Hope you enjoyed them.


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