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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fests are the Best.

We're so used to getting rejected from festivals, we're not quite sure what to do when we get accepted. I often read and re-read the acceptance email just to make sure I know what it says, and then I have Burke read it.
Anyway we are stoked to be a part of Indie Memphis and Rappahannock. They both seem like great fests. I wish we could go to both, but the funds are tight, so we'll only be attending Indie Memphis.

Indie Memphis is run by Erik Jambor, who I met at SXSW. We weren't in SXSW, but we went just to see what it was like. And boy oh boy is it an awesome fest. Janet Pierson is great too. Anyway, way back in January, Burke and I went to Sundance and Slamdance as we always do. We wanted to talk to the programmers of those festivals to see what they liked and didn't like about our film. Well when we walked into the Slamdance offices the staff started yelling "Billy! Billy!" We weren't sure what was going on. But come to find out they really loved our film, but another one beat us out (they probably always say that). BUT, Drea Clark gave us a list of fests to submit to, and Indie Memphis was on top of her list. So, when I met Erik Jambor (Thank you Chris Holland for introducing us) I mentioned that Drea thought he would like our movie, and $2.13 for postage and a few months later we're extremely excited to be part of Indie Memphis!

As for Rappahannock, which is one crazy name that I still don't think I pronounce right, we met the director of that festival, Ryan Poe, through email, through Paleo, the guy who did the music in the film. Ryan made a music video of David (Paleo) singing Woman Like Me. We found the video on The Face, and asked Ryan if we could work in parts of BILLY to use to promote the film. He agreed to, and then asked us to send us the movie. So we did, and now we're part of his fest as well, and we couldn't be happier!

So...that's that in the name of love.


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Pischina said...

Congratulations! I hope they love you guys! (Well, I KNOW they'll love YOU)