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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Candyce Foster. The Loogie Girl.

Yes, we know, that's a disgusting title. But once you see the movie it will all make perfect sense.

We want to take the time to highlight members of the cast and crew, so everyone can see what great people we had to work with. Instead of giving a little bio, we thought we'd put together "lists" of dif. facts about each person. It's more fun, plus lists are easier to read.

This is what Candyce had to say:

5 Random Things:

1. I sleep with my eyes open. "Freaky."
2. I love to shop-judge me.
3. Once I find I good book I can do nothing else.
4. I am an honest to goodness Madonna fan. Her old retro stuff ROCKS.
5. I have Osgood Slaughter disease. Look it up.

Fav. Foods

1. Mexican.
2. Movie theatre popcorn. I dont care how much you pay for the box from a store, it just isn't the same.
3. uh... Mexican.
4. Mashed Potatoes.
5. Ice Cream, Raspberry Sorbet in particular.

Things You Want To Do
What like before I die? What?
1. Travel. A lot.
2. Sleep on a beach. Naked.
3. Open a flower shop.
4. Become a good cook.
5. Relax.

"Billy" is Candyce's first feature film, and we think she did a phenomenal job.

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