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Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Woman Like Me" music video

We just got done making a music video to a live version of Paleo's "Women Like Me."

While we were at Cinequest with "Billy Was a Deaf Kid" we were able to make it to one of Paleo's shows in a little town north of San Francisco. We were running real late, tempers were getting short, there were 6 of us packed in a Durango, and worst of all we had no idea where we were going. When we finally made the the little convention center we were only able to hear Paleo play two songs. As we sat there trying to calm down from the stressful day I remember hearing the first few notes to "Woman Like Me", the theme song for the movie, and we all looked at each other and non-verbally agreed that it was worth the trek to see Paleo live. Here we were, in California, at the world premiere of "Billy Was a Deaf Kid" listening to the iconic song from the It was rockin'.

I think that's partly to blame for the inspiration to make this music video. Check it out...and enjoy:

Click here to view the High Def version:
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